Faith And Reason 360

Revisiting Marcus Borg Pt. 3: Today’s Progressive Christians

Episode Summary

In the third part of this series, we analyze the death of Jesus, revisit Marcus Borg's final lectures, and uncover the many ways Progressive Christians can support advocacy and activism in their communities. Join our discussion with Rev. Janet Cooper Nelson and Peter Laarman for an exciting dialogue about the faith, advocacy, and the implications for Christianity’s future.

Episode Notes

Justice-seekers, church leaders, and religious scholars will learn more about how younger generations are perceiving the church, how to support local advocacy and activism, and how the future of Christianity is changing. Marcus Borg’s lectures, drawn from Faith and Reason seminars like “Does Christianity Have a Future?” and “The Heart of Christianity,” provide the perfect foundation for an engaging and thoughtful discussion on these topics.

Reverend Janet Cooper Nelson is a University Chaplain and Director of the Office of Chaplains and Religious Life and Faculty Member at Brown University. Janet leads a multi-faith team of associate chaplains and oversees the university’s broad circle of religious life affiliates who advise student religious organizations. Together they ensure that a diversity of belief has voice and vitality throughout the university’s community and that Brown’s largest educational program is infused with opportunity to enrich religious literacy and experience with a practice in religion.

Peter Laarman is a United Church of Christ minister who served as senior minister of New York's Judson Memorial Church and then as executive director of LA's Progressive Christians Uniting before retiring in 2014. He remains deeply involved in national and regional social justice projects touching on race, class, and religion. A lifelong activist, Peter focuses on the intersection of religion, race, and class and on how centuries of white supremacy shape the multiple crises we face today.